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Prices on what we brought it in for were more than fair. They did suggest some other repairs due to weeping hose on the cooling system. The suggested fix was about $500. I looked online and there are much cheaper options to avoid swapping the expensive stock parts they would have. They do excellent work, just do your own research when it comes to finding out what work is necessary.


Honest, clean cut, professional and friendly. I felt they went above and beyond to find the issue and resolve it. I'd recommend them to any family and friends.


Listen, when you find a great place you almost don't want to tell anyone about it so you can keep it to yourself, right? But seriously, My Auto Surgeon has really great. I have now become a repeat customer with a couple different vehicles because they are honest and they are fair. They do great work and they never try to upswell. They have always been up front and honest about what work actually NEEDS to be done and they do excellent work when they do it.


A couple of weeks ago I went up to the Roseville/Rocklin area to pick up my car from my brother and hang out with the all rest of my family that has relocated up there. As we were leaving, the moment we hit the freeway my car began to lose power. It was clear that something was very wrong. I went on Yelp and found this shop, My Auto Surgeon, to be the best based on reviews. I sent a message to the shop on Yelp to get the ball rolling and sort this out. Thankfully, I was in no rush at all to get my car back because I primarily use a work car to get around for work. The owner, Justin B. as it states on Yelp, responded pretty quickly. He told me to give the shop a call first thing in the morning and see if anyone had cancelled their appointment so that I could get slotted in and taken care of. The next morning I called and what do you know, they wasted no time in entertaining my issue. Turned out, the transmission was done. While they were repairing the transmission I received a phone call from the shop telling me that there were a couple of gaskets from the exhaust system that needed to be replaced as well as a driveshaft that needed to be replaced. These were repairs that I was well aware of beforehand, so tacking it on to the current repair job was a no brainer. Pretty expensive fix but the positivity and attitude that everyone I spoke to in that shop made made it much more bearable to gut. I've been to tons of places in my life and met folks from all walks of life, but the people at this particular business exude an incredible amount of positive attitude and the drive of wanting to help the best that they can. Fast forward exactly one week later, and my car was ready. If you are reading this understand that every job is different. The local dealership just happened to have what I needed in stock. Out of respect for this business, I'll keep pricing and all the other details out of this review. At the end of the day, My Auto Surgeon is an excellent example of your local, family friendly repair shop that has your best interest in mind. After this experience, I know that my family in that area will be well taken care of as I have made it a point to let them know that this shop is the way to go. Thank you to the staff of My Auto Surgeon, you're all awesome!


I chatted with Justin the owner about the AC problem with my daughters car. He was honest, straight forward about my options and pricing. I settled on draining and refilling 1lb of Freon as it was no longer cooling. I booked the appointment with Seth, who got me in quickly within 3 days. He also informed me about discount coupons they accept (AAA, etc). He was very courteous and assured me that they could address the issue and confirmed my car should not need more than one pound of Freon. If more is needed they only charge you for what is used in 1/10 increments. Today I took in the car and Casey booked me in. She too was very polite. They had my car fixed up in 30 minutes, and there price matched the original quote. I am very happy after moving up from the Bay Area to find an honest auto mechanic. Thank you kindly Justin, Seth, and Casey, 5 stars. I will be back for future needs.


Honest mechanics




My Auto Surgeon has shown to been reliable and honest with each visit. We take my car (European), my husband's car (electric), and both our children use My Auto Surgeon for their Toyota and Hyundai. We've never felt we were being ripped off or lied to, in fact at times where they could have easily snagged a few extra bucks on repairs, they were so honest to point out that the issue(s) wasn't as serious as expected and saved us some money! While this should be expected behavior at all auto repair locations, sadly, it is not. We feel lucky to have come across this place and will keep recommending to all who need service. Thank you, My Auto Surgeon for being so great to our family!


Lets just say i keep leaving there shop with more issues than i came with and they have charged me over 100 multiple time to fix same issue i cam in originally not only that when they installed a part in my car they just used zipties and glue said tgey would refund me and still have been fighting ti get my money back

This is Justin the owner, I left you a voicemail and would like to make time to meet with you directly to resolve your concerns. The information I have so far: I can see the store manager issued you a full refund back on Feb 26th. I do not see any repairs that would involve glue, but I do see that your friend performed an engine swap on this vehicle before coming to our facility. I am happy to go over in detail the repairs we performed at our facility, and I am happy to make right any concerns.

- My Auto Surgeon
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